The Innovative Drafting & Design Team at OS Engineering

OS Engineering’s drafting team provides complete design and drafting services for industrial power distribution, small utility substations, industrial automation, and engineering design services. Our dedicated design team can draft designs for hydro, solar, coal, and other types of power generation systems. OS is dedicated to providing the full package, including electrical construction, electrical engineering, and controls capabilities. Our designer-drafter team serves our electrical and controls and automation divisions.

Our complete in-house service offerings, including automation, controls, and construction, allow us to offer full design builds that set us apart from the competition. We can engineer, design, draft, build and test a project from start to finish with our team’s drive and innovation. Our diverse vertical market experience includes not only small utilities, but also industrial and generation work. We can revise existing drawings, provide full lines of original drawings, perform drawing file conversions, and create drafts for overall layout.

Our experienced team is made up of four full-time designer-drafters and two part-time drafters whose specializations range from generation drafting to automation and controls design. All have industrial electric, utility, and/or generation experience. We work with a range of software, including AutoCAD Full, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor Pro, and MicroStation.

Because we always have a team of power-specialized electrical engineers informing the design and drafting process, we’re able to ensure design functionality from a power and/or automation perspective. This power-centric approach means we can offer variety and efficiency in design and implementation. Furthermore, our experienced field electricians ensure constructability and installation of all of our designs.

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