Olsson’s Beneficial Partnership with Allen-Bradley, Control Systems Hardware Supplier & Integrator

Operating under Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley is the primary company that Olsson Industrial Electric partners with when it comes to control systems hardware. As a leader in the industry, Allen-Bradley carries the widest selection of installed hardware in North America, making them the obvious choice from among the competition.

One of the primary reasons why Olsson chooses to partner with Allen-Bradley is the premier product support. Ordering spare parts and receiving parts support is easy with Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, which has built a large support infrastructure to sustain their client base. Our system integration partnership with Allen-Bradley means we receive priority support, making it easier for us to solve problems for our customers and clients. If there’s a problem we can’t solve, Allen-Bradley sends experts out in the field to help out. With a deep in-house expertise when it comes to hardware issues, it’s easy to rely on their deep support network for backup.

Our technicians at Olsson take training classes on Allen-Bradley’s products so that we’re always up to date on their equipment offerings. Due to our extensive hardware knowledge, Allen-Bradley’s sales team recommends Olsson to potential clients in our region. We also receive hardware discounts based on the volume that we sell, which allows for a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership.

Some of the primary equipment we use from Allen-Bradley includes Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), push buttons, switches, power supplies, terminal blocks, and many more control panel components. Olsson frequently utilizes Allen-Bradley’s hardware and services for industrial control, utility, and power projects. Sold in our area by North Coast Electric, it’s easy for us to get Allen-Bradley equipment from a trusted, long-term supplier.

As one of the most ubiquitous hardware suppliers in the industry, Rockwell Automation’s system integrator program is the clear choice when it comes to supplying Olsson’s clients with the best hardware for their projects.

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