Project Description


In conjunction with Olsson Industrial Electric and Olsson Controls, OS Engineering performed a large-scale SCADA migration including initial feasibility study and preliminary design, new system development and final startup and commissioning. The OS Engineering team replaced a powerful yet outdated system (originally developed by internal staff) with heavily customized Ignition software consisting of over ten virtualized servers. The new system was also deeply rooted in “High Performance HMI” graphical standards developed in partnership with Georgia Pacific Paper’s engineering staff.



  • Developed an architecture of communication to support over 150 PLCs and additional control system devices from a variety of manufacturers and generations
  • Migrated over 100,000 tags, including several packaged in custom data formats
  • Identified and replaced interfacing systems associated with business systems, reporting applications and product labeling and scanning systems 
  • Established interfacing systems with a PI historian and multiple SQL-based databases
  • Worked with mill staff to develop detailed graphical standards, then documented in style guide
  • Developed about 200 graphical screens from a library of dozens of custom template object options to allow for consistent graphics throughout facility 
  • Created custom graphical tools to enable rapid categorization and classification of system alarm
  • Collaborated with both mill and corporate IT staff to ensure compliance with industry best practices for cybersecurity as well as company IT policies 
  • Provided about three weeks of instructional and participatory training to operations, engineering and maintenance staff


  • During a lengthy and thorough debugging period, the new system operated in parallel with the old system 
  • SCADA upgrade was completed without planned outages

Project Details

  • Location: Halsey, OR

  • Client: Georgia Pacific

  • Timeline: November 2015- June 2017