Project Description


Olsson Industrial Electric, OS Engineering and Olsson Controls collaborated in the design, fabrication, configuration, programming, factory testing, furnishing, and commissioning of the Main Control and Excitation Systems for a 20MVAr synchronous condenser supporting a 150MW wind farm. The Olsson team installed an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC system. 

This new system includes Inductive Automation Ignition SCADA interface with local display and remote communication capabilities in interfacing with external SCADA systems. The Main Control System consists of the components that control, monitor, and power the 450hp condenser pony motor as well as the lube oil system motors. The excitation system is comprised of a Basler DECS-400N exciter and a 271kVA excitation power potential transformer. To transport this equipment, the Olsson team modified a 40′ high shipping container to include a five-ton HVAC unit, metal flooring with non-slip coating, insulation, interior power distribution, LED interior and exterior lighting, personnel doors with panic hardware and stairs with handrails.

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  • Conducted coordination meetings with client and equipment vendors
  • Engineered and designed power, controls and 3D model of modified shipping container
  • Developed control narrative including operation modes
  • Developed protective relay settings as well as programmed relays
  • Programmed PLC & HMI
  • Fabricated control system to UL508A
  • Modified and installed all shipping container additions
  • Developed factory acceptance testing procedures and conducted tests
  • Received and inspected equipment on-site 
  • Conducted commissioning and start-up testing


A synchronous condenser is an independent synchronous motor with an isolated shaft that provides dynamic reactive power within milliseconds.

  • Synchronous condenser can function as either capacitive during system voltage drops or inductive during surges
  • Supports 150MW of wind power
  • Installed and commissioned in remote location
  • Delivered project within budget and on time

Project Details

  • Location: Eden, TX

  • Client: WEG Electric Corp.

  • Timeline: Sept. 2017– June 2018